Ukraine Border Guards Successfully Complete Demining Course

The professional training in the specialty “Demining” completed at the Training Centre of the National Guard of Ukraine. For the first time, border guards were among those who studied. Nine border guards attended the demining courses.

The module (cycle) of training of deminers included conducting practical demolition works, organizing demining of the area, detecting and neutralizing explosive objects, searching and neutralizing improvised explosive devices and substances.

The course lasted 36 working days, during which border guards studied the theory and in practice learned to install single mines, minefields, make passages in them, check the area for mines and explosive barriers.

During the training, the servicemen of the State Border Guard Service acquired knowledge about the electric and fire method of demolition and destruction of structural elements with the help of explosives.

“I am convinced that this experience and knowledge gained here will be useful in further military service and during the demining of areas in the Joint Forces Operation zone,” said Captain Oleksandr Holovin.

Border guards successfully completed the course, mastered the profession of deminer, passed exams and received the appropriate certificates.