Unscrupulous Human Smugglers

U.S. Border Patrol agents in Tucson Sector continue to see human smuggling organizations jeopardize migrants’ lives by putting them in perilous conditions.

Despite the threat of the ongoing pandemic, agents have seen smugglers continue to exploit vulnerable people for profit. Agents have encountered migrants packed into vehicles and vehicle trunks, horse trailers, semi tractor-trailers, truck beds and toolboxes. Often, the people have no water or food, no protection against COVID-19 exposure risks and no way to escape the locked compartment. This is especially dangerous in Arizona’s heat and can prove fatal in an accident.

CBP agents at the immigration checkpoint near Three Points discovered two people locked in the trunk of a sedan. The outside temperature at the time exceeded 100 degrees. The migrants had no water, facemasks or way to free themselves from the trunk.