Watch the Recording – API/PNR – Future Systems to Fight a Global Pandemic? Part 2

The API/PNR Part 2 webinar recording is now available to watch at

As we all know, the API and PNR systems are primarily designed for air travel. Nor are these systems ready to become a post corona intermodal tack and trace system to help control the spread of deadly viruses.

But they are perhaps a good place to start!

We could wait for every nation to set up their own trusted traveller programmes, but that would take far too long. We already have international obligations to share data via UN resolutions 2396 (2017) and 2178 (2014). And we already have systems developed to do it.

It could be said that travelling to other people’s countries is a privilege, not a right.

Given agreed standards of data protection, if a host country wants to know if a visitor is currently healthy, where they will be staying for the first ten days of their trip and wants their mobile phone number, is that a fair exchange?And if a future track and trace system based on API and PNR were introduced, shouldn’t it also be applied to other modes of transport? For instance, the UK alone had 18.4 million sea passengers make short international journeys in 2019 and the number of passengers travelling via the Channel Tunnel was over 21.5 million.

This webinar explored these questions and more. Watch it now at