Webinar Library

Watch previously recorded webinars from Border Security Report and experts contributing great discussions on industry challenges and issues:

Border Security and Migration Challenges in South East Europe
Maria De Benito, OSCE migrants/ refugees security adviser seconded by the Spanish National Police
Gabor Kemeny, Project Coordinator, OSCE Mission to Skopje
Serkan Serin, Advisor on Counter-terrorism/Violent Extremism, OSCE Mission to Skopje

Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) and its Effects on Safe and Dignified Migration in West Africa
Justice Amevor, Assistant Commissioner of Immigration, Aflao Sector Commander , Ghana Immigration Service
Albert Siaw-Boateng, Director, Free Movement of Persons at ECOWAS Commission

Digital Intelligence for Safer Borders – Cellebrite

Accelerating Secure Trade at Ports & Borders – S2 Global

New Tech, Better Detection, More Trade